The attorneys at Magill and Rumsey, P.C. continue to serve our clients, and accept new business. We meet with our clients on the phone, by Zoom or other video conferencing, and in person. Magill and Rumsey is committed to serving our clients safely and efficiently.

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Magill and Rumsey, P.C., is a full service law firm in Ann Arbor, Michigan that has been successfully helping individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations since 1973. Our attorneys have substantial experience in nonprofit law; business formation and transactions; real estate law, including zoning issues; estate planning and probate; and also all types of litigation including personal injury cases and commercial cases.

Magill and Rumsey, P.C. has a particular focus on the legal needs of nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations. Our attorneys have been serving our non-profit clients, large and small in Ann Arbor, Michigan and throughout the Unites States for over 40 years. With our substantial experience and knowledge of business law, litigation, and legal issues affecting tax-exempt organizations, we work to find real world solutions for our clients so they can better fulfill their missions.

Our office building is on Eisenhower Parkway, across from Briarwood Mall and has ample parking for our clients. We look forward to seeing you there.