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1023-EZ Problems - and How to Avoid Them!

There is a lot to like about IRS form 1023-EZ! It is only three pages long, it asks for minimal information, and it can be filed online. What’s more, the filing fee is only $275, and the application is usually approved within a month or so. This qu…
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Board of Directors – Basic Things to Know

Board of Directors Basics Serving as a volunteer director on the board of a nonprofit can be a very rewarding experience and a great way to give back to your community. If you are asked to join a board, or if you are a current board member wondering…
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Losing Tax Exempt Status - IRS Procedures for Automatically Revoked Organizations

We lost our tax-exempt status! What can we do? Did you lose your tax-exempt status because you didn’t file an annual return (990, 990EZ or 990-n), for three years? If so, don’t panic! The IRS has some procedures for getting back into compliance.…
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Charitable Solicitation Registration

Fundraising is an essential task for nonprofits, big or small, and the ability to raise funds that are tax-exempt is a major motivation for becoming a nonprofit in the first place. Most nonprofits know that they need to register for charitable solici…
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Does Your Nonprofit Need a Document Review?

Many nonprofit organizations feel that once they receive that all-important tax-exemption letter from the IRS, they are worry free. Not true. Most nonprofits know that they must file annual reports to the State and to the IRS. Sometimes, older organi…
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Sports Clubs and Athletic Associations

You have just been elected to the board of an amateur sports club. What should you do to ensure that the organization is in good shape? First, don’t just assume that everything must have been set up correctly when the organization was originally fo…
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Help! We Lost Our Tax Exemption

Loss of Tax Exemption and Automatic Revocation (Losing Your Tax Exemption for Failure to File Annual Returns for Three Years) ……And what to do next! Loss of Tax Exemption and Automatic Revocation (Losing Your Tax Exemption for Failure to File Ann…
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Charitable and Planned Giving

We help individuals, families and businesses find the most effective way to make charitable gifts through: Charitable gifts and contributions, including gifts of life insurance and charitable gift annuities Endowments Donor gift instruments Wills and…
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Intellectual Property

Copyright, trademarks, service marks, and patents Licensing agreements Confidentiality agreements
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External Relationships

Many organizations find themselves working collaboratively with other groups and may even wish to merge or acquire another nonprofit. It is important to think these ventures out carefully and obtain legal advice on all the implications. We can provid…
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