Annual To-Do List for Nonprofits

At the end of the year, with all the busyness of year-end fundraising, not to mention preparing for the holidays, some important tasks can be overlooked. This is a check list of some of the most critical items for every nonprofit organization to remember:

All Nonprofit Organizations:

  • Did your board of directors have its annual meeting?
  • If you are a membership organization, have you held your annual membership meeting?
  • Did you file your 990 (or 990-ez or 990-n)?
  • If you are a nonprofit corporation, did you file your annual report with the State of Michigan?
  • Will you need to issue any W2s and 1099s?

501(c)(3) Public Charities

  • Did you send out year-end contribution receipts to all your donors?
  • Did you file your Charitable Solicitation Renewal with the State?

501(c)(3) Private Foundations:

  • Don't forget to spend funds on charitable activities or make grants to public charities sufficient to avoid excise tax penalties. Call your CPA to obtain the exact number that must be spent.
  • Review business holdings of private foundation and all disqualified persons to ensure they do not collectively exceed 20% of voting control.

Items for Review:

  • Do you have adequate insurance coverage to protect your Board of Directors and volunteers?
  • Review grant agreements to make sure terms and restrictions are being honored
  • Review Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, do they need to be updated to reflect how your organization is currently operating?
  • In what States are you fundraising? Do you need to register with any States?

Updated December 2019

Practice Area(s): Non Profit and Tax Exempt