Business Law Problems Solved

Magill and Rumsey attorneys have helped a number of businesses in various ways. One major way has been to help persons to start, buy or sell their businesses. Restaurants, factories for food or electronics, residential contractors, medical and chiropractic practices have all been bought or sold with our assistance. In one sale of a medical practice, after the practice had been marketed and a purchaser found, some significant obstacles in the terms of the sale developed. Bob Magill worked with the attorneys for the purchaser and the matters were resolved. But on the day of the closing, the purchaser made a last minute demand (without any good basis) to change the terms and to lower the price. Bob saw the ploy for what it was and instructed his client to walk out of the building and go to his car, leaving the papers unsigned. He promised the doctor that the purchaser would contact him and drop the demand. Before the doctor could even get to his car, the purchaser called and dropped the last minute demand. The doctor said to Bob “you must be a mind reader” --- Bob replied that he was not a mind reader but he was an experienced negotiator! The deal closed that day.