Estate Planning & Probate Problems Solved

Jim was involved in a probate dispute with a member of his family that had gone on for many months with several hearings and several attorneys, with no end in sight. He finally looked outside his county to find someone new and came to Bob Magill. Bob took on the case, read all of the court filings, and formed a plan to resolve the case. He then went to the next court hearing with all the parties and asked the judge for a few minutes recess so he could explain his plan to the feuding family members and the attorneys. In the hall outside the courtroom, he shared his plan ---after a few calls and a few more minutes, everyone accepted it and went back into the courtroom and put it on the record. A case that had looked like it would never end was solved. Jim told Bob to give notice on our website that we did “PROBATE LITIGATION”, since Jim had had trouble finding someone like Bob to do the work. And so, here is that notice.

A comprehensive estate plan can bring peace of mind. Magill and Rumsey, P.C does not have a ‘one size fits all’ policy. We have sometimes told people that a less expensive option would serve their needs, for example that a trust would not be needed in their circumstances. We listen carefully to our clients’ concerns and ask them about their goals, and then we help them create a plan that works for their real life circumstances. An estate plan does not have to be complicated – or expensive!