Litigation Problems Solved

Bob Magill has enjoyed handling lawsuits for individuals and businesses, including personal injury cases and commercial disputes. In one injury case, the largest elm in the city of Ann Arbor was improperly cut down and fell on top of a car driven by Bob’s client. It broke two of his vertebrae and damaged his neck and posture for life. The people who cut the tree down were hired by one organization which was owned by another organization – three different defendants all claiming it was not their fault. The case would not settle and Bob took the case to a jury, winning a six-figure jury verdict award plus attorney fees.

In a commercial case, a small business had developed a process for converting powdered metal into harder than steel parts by using an elaborate furnace heating technique. The furnace manufacturer, however, failed to proper repair the furnace when it malfunctioned, causing a significant loss of business. The manufacturer forced the case to a jury trial, where Bob won a six-figure award, plus attorney fees, which he defended on appeal