Dear Bob,

Tonight, at approximately 7:15 PM, the Planning Commission, by unanimous vote, voted to approve our site plan, thus ending the Great Saga (3.25 years after it started).

Thanks for all your help and wisdom throughout this process. You have often been the greatest source of encouragement to me in the midst of a project which most of my ‘normal support’ found it difficult to fully wrap their minds around. There were many times I kind of felt like I was standing on a rock in the middle of the lake by myself. However, your words of encouragement substantially mitigated that experience and helped me press on.

So thanks for your help on all of this .....

In Him,


– Stuart Ferguson of Servants of the Word, non-profit organization’s successful conclusion to a zoning and property tax dispute


I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful work you did yesterday. ... To say that we couldn't have done it without you is a colossal understatement. ... if I need an attorney again, you would be my number one choice ... .

May God Bless You in All You Do


– Mike, reorganization of an Ann Arbor business


Thanks again for all your legal guidance and help on my case. It’s always great to work with someone who is so friendly, personal and professional...


– Jason, victory in a civil lawsuit against a large bank

I had the occasion to consult with attorney, Bob Magill, regarding a complicated legal matter. He demonstrated a high level of competence with in depth and 'readily accessible' knowledge. It was obvious he had a solid working knowledge of the legal matter - not just a theoretical understanding. He candidly identified areas of the law where others may have more expertise. In one case he offered us referral information and in another situation consulted with another attorney to make sure we had the best information possible. He showed a certain indignation at some of the 'injustices' presenting us and proposed a decisively more vigorous defense of our case than had been previously suggested to us. His views and recommended strategies also impressed me as sensible, balanced, and ethical. I would recommend him highly!

– L. McCully, Ypsilanti, MI, business dispute

Thanks Bob for staying on him. You have been great through this whole thing. We appreciate all your work and calmness through all this.

Brian (business owner after resolution of nasty construction dispute)